Praise Him in the Hallway

When I hear of a great idea or plan, my mind starts racing with all of the ways it could play out, and I start running scenarios in my head, imagining what the outcome might be.  In certain cases I even create full conversations with people.  Sometimes it gets to the point where the very thought of it consumes my time and energy, and I feel like a racehorse at the gate, jumpy and eager for it to open so I can run with all my might to where I think the end result will be.

And yet God does not tell us to do any of those things. He specifically tells us not to worry about anything, but to be still and know that HE is God.

If you have ever found yourself at a crossroads in your life, I’m sure you are familiar with the unsettled feeling of not knowing exactly what to do next. You might have looked at possible paths in front of you and done exactly what I do, letting your mind build scenarios and imagine outcomes based on the things you know, or think you know. Perhaps you have found, like I have, that doing this often leads to disappointment, having set yourself up mentally for an end result that you believe would enhance your life, only to find out when you get there that things aren’t quite the way you imagined.

But God already knows the outcome of every situation, and He knows the timing of each little step along the way.

The other day I saw a post on Facebook which really nailed it for me. Sometimes God opens a door and you step through it, only to find yourself in a holding pattern waiting for the next door to open. You’ve heard it said that when God closes a door, He opens a window.  But you notice that it doesn’t say He “immediately” opens a window, simply that He does.  I found this picture on Facebook to be a very timely and necessary reminder of this fact.

God in heaven, faithful Father and provider, thank You for reminding me to be still and wait on You. Help me to stay humbly at Your feet. I pray for Your patience and stillness in my soul, that I may continue be used in Your service. I pray that as I am still, I will listen for Your leading and not take my own thoughts on the matter into consideration. Thank You for your grace, and Your love for me. Remind me always while I am waiting for You to open the next door for me, to praise You in the hallway!  AMEN.